A Glimpse Into Our Video Announcements

Almost every week (depending on the workflow and needs of the week) we produce an announcements video.  We find it is much more effective and people are much more interested when the announcements are made through video.  The effect is even greater if we have nice b-roll that the congregation can relate to and see themselves at that event.  With that in mind, we have done our best to get b-roll of re-occuring events to use next year.

We use our handy-dandy green screen setup to pull off these announcements.  While my skill and our vision for the announcements is now finally taking form, it took us a good couple of months before we found out a formula that we enjoyed.  In the next couple weeks look for a post on some settings, screenshots, and techniques used in creating these green screen video announcements.

This particular video was produced during our Friend Me sermon series. I try to match or take the background of the sermon series identity to further incorporate the idea of the series.

What does your church do for announcements?  We are always looking for a better way to pull these off.

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