Get Dropbox


One of the best online syncs I have ever come across is Dropbox. Extremely useful for work and play.  When working with someone not on the same LAN dropbox can easily sync (and keep in sync) a folder between you and a friend.  In fact, I have 6 users on dropbox that I have folders synced with.  Anytime my wife needs a mp3 and I’m at work, I just drop it in the dropbox and a few seconds later its synced to hers.

How it works: Makes a folder on your computer (PC or Mac) and syncs it to their server.  Anytime you want to sync a folder with a friend, it creates a new folder (ex: Chris-Corey).  When you take your laptop off-line it seamlessly starts syncing where it left off once the internet connection is re-established, even mid file.  Very helpful if you constantly transfer files from your work computer to home computer.  It’s completely free with 2 gigs of storage.  The more people you refer, the more space you get.  So, go get Dropbox.

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