Bethany Dillon, Phil Wickham, and Shane & Shane

On thursday, December 10, we had a Christmas concert featuring Bethany Dillon, Phil Wickham, and Shane & Shane. The concert was actually apart of their Glory in the Highest Christmas tour. Our staff gladly looked at this as an event that did not require much work or volunteers to pull off. Since the concert was apart of a tour, the tour was already mostly staffed and ready to go. To each his own, however, I just could not sit back. So, the night before the concert, I put together a series of videos, advertisements really, that ran pre-service and throughout our hallways and foyer. This required me to stay quite late into the night to finish, but I was determined to make the night extra special. As most of our attendees were visitors, it was well worth the work. Here’s an example of the pre-roll below (keep in mind, this ran silently on screens and foyer with the tour pre-play music running throughout the house):

On top of all of this. Our new website launched the day of the concert! Talk about tons of work done by our staff, especially Brent Minter. With all of the stress and commotion of a new website, the concert was unbelievable. It really was a lot of fun, and I have not talked to a single person who went that did not rant and rave about it. This was especially made possible by our tech volunteers. Like I said earlier, we were not expected to provide any techs or volunteers, but our camera guys lunged at the opportunity. They had a blast! It was a great chance for our camera crew to be creative and try some shots that we are normally not able to do on Sunday. We usually run a three camera shoot on sunday, but for this night we used our normal three with an extra roaming camera and a placed camera behind the drums. With a total of five cameras, our camera guys had a blast, and I received a lot of text messages during the show commenting on how awesome the cameras were. Here’s a few pictures from our screens that night. Special thanks to our camera ops Don Curry, Jeff Zurell, Jerry Smith, and Ken Gravenor. Also to our fun video switcher Mark Lee!

Shane Bernard

Phil Wikcham

Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham

Bethany Dillon

Christmas Presence Stage Set

The holidays are crazy for any church staff member, so now that is behind us, I wanted to give you a look at what we did for Christmas. For our Christmas sermon series, we went with the theme of “Christmas Presence”. Kind of a play on words, obviously. The motion graphics that I came up with can be found here. The words “Christmas Presence” hang down from the clouds to symbolize Christ’s presence coming from above. The snow, trees, and rich reds emphasize the Christmas season.

So here is a picture of what the set generally looked like. This is an empty stage shot taken after the series was over and before we took everything down. The trees on the stage are very much out of place and not lit well, because the series was over when we took this pic. For our Christmas Eve Service we shot snow over the congregation with a few snow machines. Pretty cool look.

As you can see below, the clouds hang out over the first row or two of the congregation. It really made the stage feel much closer, a much more intimate worship experience.

How we did it/What was involved:
With the help of Fletch, we singled out the layers of the graphic, put them through a projector, traced the clouds and words on large pieces of foam core board, and then cut and hung them. To hang them we simply used string and carabiners. After that I grabbed a few snowflake gobos for the side walls and lots of blue gel for the clouds.