Pocket Full of Rocks Concert

Tonight we are wrapping up a weekend of Pocket Full of Rocks. These guys are incredible and a lot of fun to hang out with. With one more worship session to go tonight, we are sad to see them go. We are even more sad to have to turn the stage around late tonight (Saturday night) for Sunday morning tomorrow. It’s going to be a laaate night.

The first night of them being here, we opened it up for everyone to come (not just DNOW participants). We had a 5 camera shoot for that night. I’ll post a few snippets of our live recording of them next week when I have time to upload it, but here’s a quick shot of what we looked like from thursday night to tonight. I got out of the booth just long enough to grab a pretty decent pic:

Pocket Full of Rocks

Easter’s A’Coming

If you’ve ever worked for a church, Easter is kind of a big deal. Haha. We are in the middle of cranking out our ideas for this year’s Easter weekend. We always do easter in two parts. The first part is Good Friday. This service is always, always, creative. The whole mantra of the service is the reality of sin, and how we put Christ on the Cross. Each year we have pulled out a new creative way to get this idea across. The second part is Easter Sunday which is always a “party” of sorts in how Christ overcame the grave, showing His love for us by conquering our sin.

Because of the Easter season fast approaching, wanted to show everyone what we did last year. I’m not going to say what we are going to do this year, but it’ll be quite good :)

Our Good Friday Service last year was kickin! We took colors and symbols used by the ancients to tell the story of Christ. To the right are the colors and images that we showed on all three screens. The video on the left is a one camera shoot for record keeping of the service so you can get a good feel of what it looked like. I cut out the songs to save time. The bright colors, matching intelligent lighting, music, and most notably the awesome story of Christ, probably made this Good Friday one to remember:

EDIT: I have added a download of the Script and complete graphics package if you need it to pull of this service here.

Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

Our production team is taking a hard look at what we can do to get better. In the near future, we are going to go through some training for everyone from lights, cameras, switchers, shaders, and even to character generators. It’s always easy to raise the bar from a 3 to a 7 or 8, but it is never easy to raise the bar from that 8 to a 10. It’s hard to look past the “ok” to get to something “great”. That is the process we are about to undertake. And with all that said, I’m extremely excited about our potential.

It’s really easy to look at all the little or big things we could do better and forget how much we have accomplished over a period of two years. So I dug up our very first service in our Worship Center just to appreciate how far our production team has come. We used the concept of the Blue man group and twisted it to fit our primary color: orange. We have accomplished A LOT since then, take a look:

I believe this is before we even knew we could open the iris of our cameras… haha. No movement, no real purpose. I’m excited where we’ve been and where we’re going!

Never A Good Sign…

For anyone who has ever run lights or anything electronic for that matter, this is never a good sign:
C21 Dimmer Rack
My good friend Gardiner from PRG Lighting is coming out on thursday to fully diagnose the issue. We use Strand C21 Dimmer Processors with dual channel dimmer modules that plug right into those connections in the picture. Should be a fun fix, right?
If you have noticed a section or two of the sanctuary lights out on Sunday Morning… This is why.

Tip for Creativity… Play Hard.

We had record breaking snow in the DFW area. Over a foot of snow in one day. I’ve never seen more than a couple inches of snow in DFW in my entire life. So we took advantage. We called up some friends that happened to live in the same apartment complex and had a blast! Snow ball fights, snowmen, and playing with our pup in the snow (she didn’t like it too much). We played so hard we were out of breath, and the next day our muscles were sore. I can’t express how much it’s necessary to forget work for a while, forget thinking of ideas, forget the chores of life and just play hard. Here’s a few pictures from the night and then the next morning.

Our Puppy Dog

That’s right, it’s Oscar the Grouch and Mrs. Butters-worth in the BG.