Love Story Sermon Series Package

Man, have we been busy, busy, busy. Our February sermon series entitled “Love Story” kicked off this last sunday. So since we are kicked off, let’s walk through a little bit of the series packaging. What all is involved with a sermon series graphic/video package at Northwood? Here’s the list:
Main Graphic Image (what we call our “Base Image”):

From there we create the publicized graphics. For this one, we just added the start date of the new series. We used the power of the graphic to tell what the series is about. So we create a version of the base image with the date for the web main rotator and hallway posters/screens:

After that comes the series bump (which obviously takes quite longer than still graphics):

Next comes the background for video announcements:

And finally comes the supporting graphics such as podcast, mp3 metadata, and sermons page images:

That’s not all the improvements we did for the series, but that is basically what is involved in a standard sermon series package. More to come about stage, camera, and lighting changes…

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