Moving to Video Sermons Online!

Over the past month we have moved from just audio of our sermons online to video of our sermons online. This is a huge step for us communicatively.  Every stat that we have heard, from 70-95% of your visitors check out your website before attending your church.  This gives them a taste of what to expect.  This shuts down the unexpected barrier and brings them into our “house” in the comfort of theirs.  Our recent launch of our new site has allowed us to easily pull this off.  We already have a three camera IMAG (image magnification) shoot in our sanctuary for our people in the room.  We now record that feed straight to hard disk, edit the beginning and end, slap the sermon series bump on the front, and we have a nice polished looking sermon online.  The online player also has the ability to type out your sermon notes and print them off.  Check it out when you have time.

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