Before and After Green Screen

We shoot the majority of our videos in front of a green screen. This helps us in a lot of ways. We have a huge lack of recording space, resources, and time. Who doesn’t? haha. We do have, however, individuals that Love the Lord, and present their very best 24/7. So we decided that the green solution was the best way to go. Our green screen recording area shares the same space as our Sunday production room, and each week we flip it from recording studio to production room. This is a video we just shot with our teaching pastor Jordan Fowler. I thought I would provide a little before and after shot of our shoot. We don’t have the best lights, the best camera, the best green screen or microphone, but we pull off a quality product every time. Here’s the before and after (before on top, after on bottom).

Before and After of our Green Screen

As you can see, our lighting of the green screen is not ideal, neither is the condition of our green screen, but after some nice editing and rendering, we come out with a solid product.

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