Generic Sermon Bump

First, A little Background:
At Northwood, we mainly operate in sermon series. But occasionally, times pop up like these next few weekends where we are doing what we call a “stand alone” sermon, which is not part of a particular sermon series. Right now, the way we operate in our services is Worship -> Announcements Videos -> Bump -> Sermon. During the Announcements we take up tithes and offerings, so we need an adequate amount of time to do that, as well as flip the stage from worship to sermon. All of that to say is we will usually need a bump to add more time to cover tithes, offerings, and stage change.

This lead us to the thought of putting together a Generic Bump that we can easily throw in the ring by swapping out the titles based on the week’s message. So here’s what I came up with a dummy sermon title.

I used the text “Blessed By Long Titles” as kind of a joke. When designing a video that requires titles of sermons that change every week, sometimes there are sermons that are 1 line long, and sometimes 2 or 3 lines. It’s usually important for your design to know how long your sermon title is going to be, so I always plan for a long title.

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