Get Back To The Core

Let’s look back at a sermon series we did almost 2 years ago! 2 years is a long time in the video/graphic world. But still I look back and enjoy this sermon bump. It’s not the best; I’m not sure why I like it so much, but here I am talking about it 2 years later.
The whole sermon series of “Core” was about getting back to the core of our beliefs. It was an 8 week sermon series over the course of the summer. How do you take the idea of the “core of our faith” and turn it into a sermon series? FIrst, lets take a look at the sermon graphic we came up with:

Core Sermon Series

The whole idea was to take these pieces of magazines and put them together to one idea, to form “core”. Much like taking lessons, stories, commandments, and everything in the bible to form our faith. So I used that magazine idea to pull this bump together:

It’s a little old school – two years old. So don’t judge me. haha. It’s always interesting to see how other companies, media groups or whoever pull together ideas. But it’s a great exercise to look back and see how you, yourself, developed an idea from sketches to reality.

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