The James Experiment Media Campaign Part 1

Launching easter Sunday, our church is going through a movement called The James Experiment. This is a large push spiritually, fellowship-ly (I like to make up new words), and most importantly for this blog: media-ly. This is one of the largest pushes using media that we have ever done.

In our first brainstorming meeting we decided a lot of things. We decided that we wanted to use billboards, radio, video, and web to push this movement. Our goal was to get people outside of our four walls that have questions about faith, capture their interest, get them involved in the James Experiment, and ultimately change their lives with the love of Christ.

So, being the only media guy on staff at Northwood, right off the bat my brain starts spinning. “How on earth am I supposed to get all of these mediums out before Easter? Billboards are due weeks before Easter”, is what I was thinking. This on top of the week to week stuff that needs to get done. So I attacked it one step at a time. First came the Identity, and there were many ideas for the identity (these are quick mockups to spring ideas from):

Mock Up Ideas for the James Experiment

Took those and threw them onto some billboards to wrap our heads around the idea:

Billboard Ideas

We took those quick mock ups and outsourced the design to one of our church members and long time friend of mine Josh Berman. He did an amazing job on the identity and the billboard design (website size was enlarged before print to billboards):

James Exp Final

It’s hard to see but there is a nice texture in the background of the text, so its not a standard black backdrop. Part 2, coming soon, is our web portion of the campaign. Soon after that I’ll post my favorite portion: radio and video as Part 3 of the James Experiment media campaign.

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