The James Experiment Media Campaign Part 2

Part 2 of the James Experiment media campaign is the web. The whole point of the web portion of this campaign is interactivity. We wanted to create a microsite that people could come to find answers and encouragement. A place were people could interact with the james experiment.
As you saw in the previous post, our goal was for people to hear the radio add or see the billboard and go to our website: This microsite serves many purposes from a video to find themselves in, to places to meet outside of the church walls if they’re skeptical, to a place where they can post how the experiment is working for them, to even a place where we can post challenges and “experiments” of faith for people to try.

This part of the campaign was done by our worship pastor Brent Minter. He grabbed a theme from WooThemes that works with WordPress, skinned the microsite to look nice, and threw in all the content (written by our teaching pastor Jordan Fowler). All in all the microsite only took a few days work and is an amazing interactive hub that people can use to find out if faith really works.

This is just one of the many layers of this campaign that we can use to break down the walls of someone who is skeptical in coming to church. It didn’t take long… Use the tools that are already out there! Most of the time, there is no need to re-invent the wheel. Avoid the stress and use tools that are available Here’s a snapshot of the site before we skinned it:

James Experiment Before

And the final product:

James Experiment After

Is it the best looking website? Not by any means. But it is fully functional, serves and amazing purpose, and we didn’t pull our hair out in trying to code everything from scratch. Part 3 coming next, Video and Radio! In the meantime, check out the James Experiment website.

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