The James Experiment Media Campaign Part 3

Drumroll…. Part three: video and radio, is my favorite part of this whole media campaign. We came to the conclusion that we needed someone to be the main actor of these video and radio bits. While the video and and audio of the bit is not that complicated, anyone who has been in the film or radio business knows that even in the simpler projects, experience and talent matters. However, our production budget was tight, just like everywhere else, so I started to think. I had remembered that one of my friends, Gabe Whitehurst, was an aspiring actor. So I gave him a call and he was perfect for the piece!

Jordan Fowler, our teaching pastor wrote the script for the piece and this is the final product of what we came up with:

It’s an interesting story of how we got there. When I first received the script, I perceived it as a lot darker of mood. This is where our communication broke down. When I, the video guy, planned out everything from shots, to location, to movement, to actor, to everything… you name it, I envisioned a much more reflective, deep, pensive video. To add on top of that, I really wanted to try ending the video with Gabe looking down the lens. However, I used my video lingo and told Gabe I want to end the video with him looking down the “barrel”. Barrel in my video terminology means lens, but obviously someone who does not understand video would think (and I didn’t think this when I said it) a barrel of a gun. haha.

So I was already taking the script a little darker than Jordan envisioned, but my actor, Gabe, took it even darker. Take a look at the darker version (this is before color treating):

What put the nail in the coffin for the darker version was the fact that we were launching this campaign on Easter Sunday. Our Easter services are celebratory so the dark version just wouldn’t do. We had to lighten it up.

After all the video was done, we sent Gabe to KLTY to cut a radio add to throw up on a few different radio stations. We sent him to KLTY to get it cut because we figured they could get a cleaner cut then we could. Looking back, I think our audio was cleaner, but o well! Here’s the Radio Spot:

Voice Overs are always interesting, so I put this video together just for extra insight on how everything is made:

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