Where We Are

This is an honest look at where we are. A few posts back I posted our very first service with multiple cameras. You can check that out here if you missed it. We’ve just started a new training push over the last couple weeks, and our production guys are loving it! Here’s a short clip from our last big worship service. I intentionally picked this clip NOT because it highlights our best work – you’ll see some mistakes, but I picked this clip because it shows a good average of where we honestly are in our production realm. Our production guys are awesome! Every single one of them is a volunteer (except for me). We shot this on a thursday night, and most of the guys worked all day then came to do production before even going home! And it’s all because they love the Lord and the love our production ministry.

Enough bragging, get to the clip… This is Pocket Full of Rocks who lead our worship that night.

*Disclaimer* The words aren’t formatted like they normally are, so don’t judge us! haha.

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