Service Pre-Roll

Before the service, we run a video loop that has a few of our announcements in it. So imagine that you’re waiting for the worship center doors to open. You have a bit of pre-play music going… say Hillsong United or something upbeat that like, and the doors finally open. You walk up the voms and get the first glimpse of the entire worship center… stage nicely lit, speakers pumpin’ the pre-roll music, and the projectors are rollin this pre-roll video (our countdown clock sits in the bottom right of the screen where the greyish box is):

And that’s how we do our pre-service.

Looking For A New Camera

It’s that time again. Time to look for a new camera. We are looking for something that is extremely versatile in the field, studio, and also something that can connect via HD-SDI into our worship center. Our Worship Center production team is growing and we are in need of a nice chase cam in the near future. We are trying to get more bang for our buck this way.

With that being said, we still have a budget we need to hit. We are looking at the Sony PMW-EX3. Has anyone used this camera or had any experience with it? Needless to say I am scouring all of the reviews on this camera. I haven’t heard anything terrible about it. Let me know what you think about this camera, also let me know if there is another camera worth considering?

Video Planning

What makes a successful video? Lots of things, but this video makes a strong argument that planning is just as important as equipment, talent, or style. Check it out, and tell me that didn’t take a TON of planning.

Thanks to our graphic designer David Wen for the find.

Looking For A Typeface?

One of my good friends John Murphey sent me the link to this graphic. Funny he should send me the link as I was looking for a good typeface for our next sermon series. Anyway, if you’ve ever designed something, the right typeface makes or break a project. This graphic probably won’t solve all of your typeface dilemmas, but it’s definitely a fun way to look at it (click to see full version):

A Look At Our Announcement Videos

We constantly struggle with the placement of announcements. They are completely necessary for an involved church, yet they sometimes seem awkward when it comes to placement. Where in the service do they best fit? If we put them at the front of the service, people are late and will miss them, if we put them at the end of the service, most people are checked out and ready to go. Right now we have them in the middle, between worship and the sermon. This also gives us adequate time to take up the offering and flip the stage from worship to sermon. I think here in a little bit, we are going to mess around with our “order of service” and see what we come up with, I’ll post our findings with what order seems to be the best. For now, Here’s a look at our current video announcements: