New Sermon Series, “I Love This Place”

June 6th we are starting a new sermon series titled, “I Love This Place”.

Here’s the promo copy: NorthWood is a great church. In fact, we love this place! All of us want more people to come discover how they too can transform their life. We want to bring hope to those who are discouraged. We want to bring healing to those who are broken. And we want to share God’s love around the world. Join us for our June sermon series, I Love This Place, and find out how you can be a part of all that God’s doing in here at NorthWood.

So, new sermon series means new graphics and video. Here’s what I came up with from first ideas all the way to final videos.

Here’s where I started – First Idea:

Second Idea:

Third Idea:

Fourth Idea:

Final Tweaks:

The first couple ideas were terrible, but necessary to get to a final, great idea. With the graphic decided upon by the creative team here at Northwood, I then moved on to the motion graphics. I had recently been challenged by our worship pastor to not be as “epic” all the time. My native language of video is epic. I love all this epic. It’s that simple.

So with this recent challenge I created something much more light and fun that I usually would have otherwise, here it is:

However, I had to get the “epic” out of me. So I also created an epic version for grins. Turns out, our new comm director, Paul, loved the epic version, so that’s the one we’re using for the promo. Funny how that works out, I did it for fun and it turns out to be the one we are going to use for the promo. We’ll most likely go back to the lighter/fun one for the sermon bump in service.

Here’s the epic version:

That’s a rap.

Home Makeover Logo

Every year, one of our biggest events in our church is Home Makeover. Based off of the idea of the TV show, almost our entire church heads to a nearby city and completely makes over 4 homes. This last year was a our third year to do it, and we’ll probably do it for many more. We had a basic logo. But this is such a big event, I had to make it move… :)

So here’s what we ended up with.

To see it in action, here’s the highlight video from the Home Makeover weekend (at 25 seconds).

Element Camp Teaser

Here’s the element camp (our youth camp this summer) teaser I just finished a couple days ago. It’s really simple… but hey, it’s just a teaser :)

Inspiration from VideoCopilot.

Software Confession

So I have a software confession to make. I am still using the adobe production suite CS3. *Boooo–Hissss* I know, I know. The real reason for not updating is money. But despite that, we have turned out some great video and graphic pieces that move people and share God’s word. That’s the most important reason for what we do in the first place.

However, I’m finally getting tired of the 32 bit infrastructure of Adobe After Effects CS3. I have learned the tricks to prevent some of the downfalls of this infrastructure, but now I’m shouting to the rooftops, “THERE’S GOTTA BE A BETTER WAY!!”

With that being said, I have been recently drooling over CS5. The new cloning tools in Photoshop CS5 looks nice and easy, but I can do that now. Easy green-screening in After Effects CS5, Eh… That’s easy in CS3. The one thing I can’t do now, and that is most appealing is the 64 bit infrastructure. *DROOOOOL*.

So my question to everyone is what else makes CS5 worth the investment? Tell me something in CS5 that I can’t do in CS3 besides the 64 bit infrastructure.