Software Confession

So I have a software confession to make. I am still using the adobe production suite CS3. *Boooo–Hissss* I know, I know. The real reason for not updating is money. But despite that, we have turned out some great video and graphic pieces that move people and share God’s word. That’s the most important reason for what we do in the first place.

However, I’m finally getting tired of the 32 bit infrastructure of Adobe After Effects CS3. I have learned the tricks to prevent some of the downfalls of this infrastructure, but now I’m shouting to the rooftops, “THERE’S GOTTA BE A BETTER WAY!!”

With that being said, I have been recently drooling over CS5. The new cloning tools in Photoshop CS5 looks nice and easy, but I can do that now. Easy green-screening in After Effects CS5, Eh… That’s easy in CS3. The one thing I can’t do now, and that is most appealing is the 64 bit infrastructure. *DROOOOOL*.

So my question to everyone is what else makes CS5 worth the investment? Tell me something in CS5 that I can’t do in CS3 besides the 64 bit infrastructure.

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