CommonUnity Sermon Series

We just released the teaser for the upcoming sermon series “CommonUnity”. This short teaser was a lot of fun to make and has a lot of little details in it that most people won’t see (oh the woes of a videographer-haha). Anyway, I usually make my videos where everything can be seen surface deep. This one is fun and a little different than my normal style in that you can pull subtly different meanings from it by what is taking place in the video. Anyway, I hope its intriguing! :)

Here’s the blurb: Community is part of God’s very nature as God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit share fellowship with one another. We, too, are designed to live in Commonunity. Bring a friend and join the community as we learn to build better relationships.

I’ll have a post later on the different ideas we had coming into CommonUnity as far as graphic packages goes. Here’s the teaser:

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