Common Unity Graphics

So, two posts ago, I said that I would post some of the different Ideas we had coming into CommonUnity. So here they are:

I published a post called “sometimes it happens“. In this post I talked about a sermon design that we were planning on and we ended up changing directions. I had already built the bump for a sermon series titled essentials and I really wanted to salvage it. So I tried the new CommonUnity sermon series title in the same treatment as the essentials so I wouldn’t have to rebuild a bump. So with that being said, here’s where we started:

Didn’t really capture the uniqueness of the sermon series. But, I didn’t give up on my already made bump that I was proud of… So I just tried repositioning to try and save it:

No Luck… So time to scratch the bump and everything else and start from the beginning. So I tried to really focus on the font work of the piece and I came out with a font treatment that I really enjoyed:

I wasn’t too crazy about the background. I had no idea how I would work that into a bump. So I stuck with the font work and went after the background and came up with this:

The idea was golden! So I took a core issue in the sermon series, the trinity, made a diagram of the trinity, slapped it on the wall next to the sermon title and badda-bing badda-boom:

If you missed the bump, check it out here.

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