Meeting Al Weiss

Al Weiss, President of World Wide Operations of Walt Disney Theme Parks (His Bio Here), spoke at Northwood last Sunday. He gave a powerful charge to the men of our congregation to better balance their work and home life. He’s risen to the pinacle of the business realm, yet still keeps his family as a priority. He was an unbelievably humble man.

I’m a Disney nut, so it was a lot of fun to get to meet and work alongside him.

Al Weiss

Here’s a couple of pictures from the service:

Al Weiss

Al Weiss

Live Recording Motion Graphic

This is a motion graphic that I threw together to advertise Northwood’s upcoming Live Recording September 18th. As you’ll notice there is no sound because I made this as part of the pre-roll video we show before service. I’m sure I’ll add sound too it later, but for now, you get to watch the “silent” version. Anyway, the video and graphics turned out great.

This was my first video shoot with my new Cannon t2i. Turned out great!

New Sermon Series: Go Big or Go Home

Our next sermon series is called “Go Big or Go Home”. It’s a sermon series dealing with Faith based out of Hebrews 11. I struggled a long time with what to have the sermon series look like. So I finally came up with the base image, or the logo, for the series:

New Sermon Series

And once I got it to look like how I wanted it to look like, I had no idea how to make it move. So I racked my brains and tried story boarding it out. After about 10 pages crumpled up and trashed, I decided on a storyboard: (if you can’t tell by my awful handwriting, I haven’t hand written anything in a long time – haha)

Once the storyboard was complete, the animation was underway, and here’s what I ended up with:

Keller ISD Convocation 2010

On Tuesday, Keller Independent School District used our facilities to host their yearly teacher convocation. Over 3,600 educators stormed the doors of Northwood Church at 8:30 and 12:30. We hosted their convocation last year, and everyone had a great time. This year, the anticipation was even greater.

Last year the theme was a late night talk show, hosted by the superintendant of KISD Dr. V. This year, the KISD media team put together a game show theme, covering shows like Family Fued, Jeopardy, Let’s Make a Deal, and The Price is Right (with a giant PLINKO board).

With over 72 lighting cues, and well over 100 video cues, the event was awesome, and Northwood was able to bless thousands of local educators. Here’s a quick clip (and I mean quick) of the teachers getting ready for the convocation to start. You can tell they were excited and expecting something just as awesome as last year.


Northwood’s First Worship Album (Cameo Appearance!)

So, by nature of my job, I’m usually behind the camera, not so much in front of the camera. But this video called for quick action! I had filmed Brent Minter in the studio working on Northwood’s first worship album, Feet That Move. We wanted to get the video out to our people as quickly as we could, but we needed something at the beginning to set up the piece. This is one of those videos that people might not understand considering its our first worship record.

So I stepped up to the plate! Not only that, but my wife filmed me about ten minutes before open doors of an event one night. Talk about pressure! Anyway, the video turned out great. Take a look at behind the scenes of Northwood Church in the studio:

Any Videographer knows that it’s terribly hard to edit yourself. ugh.
The live recording for Feet That Move is September 18th! Be there!