The First 2010 Home Makeover Video

It’s that time again. Every year, Northwood Church sends around 1500 volunteers to Haltom City, Texas, to makeover four families’ houses. The participation, outcome, and impact are tremendous ever year! I can’t wait for this year’s home makeover. Because I was filming, or in this instance taking pictures, I got to meet Jimmy Dorsey (the subject in the video). He was an incredible man. As the story will tell you he’s been through a lot. When we first contacted him about fixing his house, he was very reluctant and stand-offish. He wasn’t sure if he wanted anything to do with anyone, let alone a bunch of Christians. Northwood didn’t give up on him though. They kept visiting him, bringing him food, and just spending time with him. Since then, Jimmy has opened up. We’ve noticed huge smiles on his face every time we visit. His heart is really opening up to the Love of Christ. I’m more than excited about what this year’s Home Makeover means to this man.

Check out the video we put together telling the story of Jimmy Dorsey:

For a look at last years highlight video click here.

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