Worship Intro

If you don’t know by now, Northwood Church is a very globally minded church. We love ministering to people and ethnic groups of all races, languages and descents. So naturally, we worked that into our live recording. In fact, we worked it into the first couple minutes. Here’s the video that I created (last minute, I must confess) to kick off the live worship recording.

The languages are: English, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Hmong. All of which are very dear to the DNA of Northwood and where we love to serve. At the end of the video a spot light came up on a man on stage who finished the sequence out passionately with Jude 25. It was a really cool way to kick off worship.

Pre-Order Motion Graphic

Here’s a quick animation I created for the pre-sales of our latest live worship recording, “Feet that Move”. Turned out pretty good!

I already had the worship footage from a previous video, so it was a matter of grabbing that footage and some quick design work. Worked well, we sold a lot of CDs!

A Story of Faith

This video covers a story of Faith. God called someone to action, and it took a huge step of faith to complete that action.

Melinda Needs (the subject of the video) is actually a close family friend of mine. It’s exciting when you get to tell the stories of people that you know.

Here’s a couple of location pictures for the videofiles out there. I really wanted to use the blue wall of this particular room. The room had two large windows so we had to pull out the daylight filters for the lights so we could get a nice even light across the subject’s face. The result was quite nice. I actually didn’t do any color correction or touching up to the video. I really enjoyed the natural look of it.

This next picture shows the small corner we set up to do the video in. We pulled the couch from Jordan’s office, the shelves from Martha’s office, and a painting from another wall. Turned out really nice!

Live Recording Pics

Here’s just a couple of teaser pictures to describe the live recording. It was an incredible night as we worshiped the Lord! But thanks to what God has blessed us with we were able to record the night for our first ever worship CD, “Feet That Move”. More motion Graphics, Pictures, and Videos to come- including the worship videos (19 Video Tracks per song at first count right now, could be a while). Thanks to everyone on our tech and worship teams! You guys are amazing and a blessing to work with…

Now I will catch up on some much needed rest… :)

Live Recording!

Wow! Our live recording is coming up so soon! I’m more than pumped about it! There’s a lot of work that has gone into it, but for now I’ll just post the promo we released last week.