A Story of Faith

This video covers a story of Faith. God called someone to action, and it took a huge step of faith to complete that action.

Melinda Needs (the subject of the video) is actually a close family friend of mine. It’s exciting when you get to tell the stories of people that you know.

Here’s a couple of location pictures for the videofiles out there. I really wanted to use the blue wall of this particular room. The room had two large windows so we had to pull out the daylight filters for the lights so we could get a nice even light across the subject’s face. The result was quite nice. I actually didn’t do any color correction or touching up to the video. I really enjoyed the natural look of it.

This next picture shows the small corner we set up to do the video in. We pulled the couch from Jordan’s office, the shelves from Martha’s office, and a painting from another wall. Turned out really nice!

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