Our last sermon series – UP IN OUT

Our last sermon series dealt with our core discipleship model which we call t-life. In that, “Up” is our relationships with God, “In” is our relationships with one another, and “Out” is life lived in the world. Graphically, it was hard to come up with a design that plainly showed up, in, and out. Think about it, try to draw arrows or something that clearly communicate the directions of up, in, and out on one slide. Almost impossible to do it clearly. So instead, I went a more text based route. Anyway, here’s what we ended up with for the graphic – and here’s a look at the sermon bump. Up, In, Out:

Feet That Move Worship Videos

Today, Northwood’s worship album goes on sale on iTunes and Amazon (and many other places). You can check out the iTunes link here. Or, you can check out the Amazon link here. Wow, has this been a long time coming! We’ve worked furiously in getting the CD, videos, and website out (northwoodworship.com). So take some time to check out the website, there are four songs on the site that you can stream from the CD. Now, I’m a little bias to the technical side of things (I was blessed to Technical Direct as well as edit the piece together), so here’s the title track video “Feet That Move”.

For other videos and goodies, be sure to check out www.northwoodworship.com

It’s Finally Here! Feet That Move!

It’s been a long time coming and a lot of work, but it’s finally here. Northwood’s first worship CD is finally complete. Northwood, you can pick up your CD’s at Church tomorrow! Everyone else, the CD goes on sale on iTunes and Amazon on Tuesday. Be on the look out for an upcoming post of the official live worship videos!

Photo from: Brent Minter (our worship pastor)

Pre-Service Announcement Loop

While the Products Page has been on the site for a while now, it now has videos available for download. I am currently working on a package of pre-service announcement videos that your church or any church can use. Pre-Service time is often a time that a lot of churches overlook. It’s a great opportunity to inform your congregation of what is going on around the church. The trick to the Pre-Service announcement loop is to keep each announcement short and sweet. Never make your pre-service announcements too wordy. The less words the better. Usually people won’t watch the Pre-Service Loop end to end, they’ll glance up at it every once in a while. So you have to make sure that what they see in those short periods of time are informative. See later in the post for information on how I can help your with your pre-service announcement loop.

Here’s what we used a long time ago, we tend to be more animation driven now. Check it out, think of how you could use your Pre-Service time in your church:

So here’s how I can help you right now. Check out the Products Page for quick downloads that can help you. And the good news is they are really cheap! Here’s a few that are available for download:

Youth Ministry:

Kids Ministry:

And Those Pesky Cell Phones:

Refining Your Faith

Northwood Church is offering a great opportunity in November through the Global Faith Forum to refine your faith. I did this video a few weeks ago of a church planter named Steven. He talked about how refining it is of your own faith to contrast your faith to other beliefs. It’s a pretty powerful story, especially the part about the iPhone ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check it out: