How to Make a Cheap Camera Dolly

A couple weeks ago, we really wanted a camera dolly to use for a couple of our upcoming videos. Well, as we all know, any tech equipment is expensive, so we decided to build our own camera dolly. The name of the game in camera dolly-ing is smoothness. So here’s a quick run down of how we accomplished it in under $30.

First we needed to get skateboard wheels. Turns out, at our local Academy, it was cheaper to buy two kid skateboards than to buy 8 wheels and bearings on their own:

Then we went right across the street to Lowe’s to pick up the rest of the supplices. We grabbed three 10 ft pvc pipes, a piece of plywood, a lot of nuts and bolts, and one piece of elbow metal.

We put the wheels together first, then attached the wheels to the board, which sits on the pipes:

When we put it all together, it looked something like this:

Here’s the test footage (my intern is the star of this short film). Turned out pretty good for only $30!

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