Pre-Service Announcement Loop

While the Products Page has been on the site for a while now, it now has videos available for download. I am currently working on a package of pre-service announcement videos that your church or any church can use. Pre-Service time is often a time that a lot of churches overlook. It’s a great opportunity to inform your congregation of what is going on around the church. The trick to the Pre-Service announcement loop is to keep each announcement short and sweet. Never make your pre-service announcements too wordy. The less words the better. Usually people won’t watch the Pre-Service Loop end to end, they’ll glance up at it every once in a while. So you have to make sure that what they see in those short periods of time are informative. See later in the post for information on how I can help your with your pre-service announcement loop.

Here’s what we used a long time ago, we tend to be more animation driven now. Check it out, think of how you could use your Pre-Service time in your church:

So here’s how I can help you right now. Check out the Products Page for quick downloads that can help you. And the good news is they are really cheap! Here’s a few that are available for download:

Youth Ministry:

Kids Ministry:

And Those Pesky Cell Phones:

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