The Academy of West Birdville Video

The most recent video that we played last week during service is our Academy of West Birdville Video. This video highlights the impact that Northwood has on one of the local schools in Haltom City. For those of you who don’t know, Northwood has been tutoring/teaching/serving/building/and everything else you can immagine at the Academy of West Birdville for years upon years now. We truly love helping the families in Haltom City through the school. So this video gives just a small glimpse of the impact we have had on the school and it’s members. While I had the pleasure of shooting the video, Chris Taylor, our intern did a great job in editing the piece. Here’s also a few pictures from the set:

The Principal of the Academy discussing what she was going to say on the video:

One of the teachers at the Academy going over what she wanted to say on the video:

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