Look For Inspiration

Where do you look for inspiration? One of my child-hood based inspirations is Walt Disney Animation. But not necessarily just the animation portion of Disney, but the theme parks as well. How their theme parks operate just flat out intrigues me. If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World (or Land), you know that the moment you step into the park, you feel like a different person. The way they are able to bring out feelings and emotions through music, video, set design, interaction, acting, and everything else is just amazing. I just recently went through this book: Walt Disney Imagineering. It not only is full of unbelievable pictures and drawings, but it shows a glimpse into the planning of the rides, attractions, and parks. For a creative thinker, and especially one like me who does video, audio, stage, and overall production, this book was an awesome boost to my inspiration.

Take some time, I know your schedule is busy, but take some time to soak in inspiration. Take some time to refuel your creative tank. For me, that usually falls around Saturday whenever I have some free time. That’s when I’ll kick back and watch some Disney or Pixar Flicks, Worship DVDs, or browse the web for some awesome animation/film pieces. Even the most creative people get inspiration from somewhere.

P.S. – The picture at the beginning of this post is a picture I took a year ago at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. My wife and I celebrated our Honeymoon at the Walt Disney World Resort. Needless to say, it was a blast.

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