The Gift Stage Design

So here’s a look at what we did with our stage design to bring “The Gift” sermon series to the stage. For those of you that haven’t seen the graphics and bump that I came up with for our Christmas sermon series, look here. People absolutely love Christmas time and everything associated with it, so I like to take our designs from just the screens to really come to life on the stage. So we took the main image (a present) from “The Gift” christmas sermon series logo and utilized a lot of rather large presents as our backdrop on the stage. This provides a nice backdrop for worship and for sermons. I also created a bunch of 4 ft by 8ft gift tags from which we hung from the ceiling at different angles. These tags go as far as 20 rows back to really bring the people closer to the stage. Check out the pictures:

Of course all of this was not possible by myself. Mad props to Sherri Sokoly (one of our production volunteers) who took the presents backdrop to the next level. Mad props also to Fletch who took the images of the gift tags and implemented them to reality so we could hang them. Finally, Mad props to about 15 guys and gals of our production team who knocked this stage set out early one Saturday morning. You all made the difference!

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