Revelation Song With Many Languages

If you’ve gone to church in the last five to six years then odds are that the Revelation Song has a special place in your heart. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, Northwood is a globally minded church (The Global Faith Forum). What happens when you put together a globally minded church and an amazing song like the Revelation Song, well…. you get this:

This is the latest worship video from Northwood Worship on their debut album entitled, “Feet That Move”. The languages are English (obviously), Vietnamese, Spanish, and Hmong. Because of our global DNA, our church absolutely loves this song. What an awesome depiction of Heaven, with different people of different nations joining in to Worship the Lord. This one was a lot of fun to edit. The dynamics of the different worship leaders (Missy, Phuc, Rudy, and Daniel) gave great diversity to the shots that our production team could take. Again, as always, hats off to our production guys and gals for getting great shots. It was truly a joy to edit.

Quick Note:
We originally did the song way back on a Sunday almost a year ago. The languages for this one were Romanian, Vietnamese, Lali, and Hmong:

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