Edge Blending Screens

In the Plex (our youth building), we have been working on creating one large edge blended screen. What this essentially means is that we have taken two projectors, and blended the edges of them to look like one really wide screen. After about a week’s worth of off and on work we came up with this:

We got estimates of screens for the wide size that we needed. The cheapest screen that we found was a custom made screen that ran $7,000+. That’s insane! So we made our own out of foam core board. Our cost? 159 bucks of materials:

With this, I had the privilege of creating the first video for the screen. This was a particularly fun video job. The screen resolution is 2600×768. It’s really a different ball game stepping outside of the standard 16×9 ratio. It was fun to have more room on the canvas to play with. So here’s a quick look at the walkin logo loop that I created for NorthwoodStudents DNOW 11:

The lighting conditions were a bit harsh as you can see, so here’s the video file to get a better look at. The flickering red, pink, and yellow filters looked really sharp in person. Those subtle flickers put the entire video over the top!

It was awesome!

Videos are Coming!

It’s been about two weeks since my last post! That’s too long. But I promise you, it’s worth the wait… I’ve started designing in C4D and I absolutely love it. This, mixed with moving servers has proved to be an eventful week! The integration from C4D into aftereffects is mind boggling. On top of the C4D additions to upcoming videos, we have recently installed edge blended projectors. This will truly make for some fun videos. Some of those videos are already made, but I can’t upload them just yet. Here’s a quick video for Chris Johns Media with a hint of C4D. This video is super short, only because I didn’t want to wait for the render time (C4D render time is unbelievably long = 8-24 hrs):

Migrating to New Hosting Servers

Attention! Attention! Chris Johns Media is officially switching URLs from www.iamchrisjohns.com to www.chrisjohnsmedia.com. Along with the URL shift, I am shifting to a different hosting service. So if there are a few links that are down, please let me know so I can fix them.

Thanks to Jordan Fowler for letting me use his hosting. Jordan is also the teaching pastor at Northwood Church. As a thank you, spend some time and check out his blog here: www.jordanpfowler.com.

Thank you everyone for your patience and cooperation as I switch everything over!

Snow Day

There has just been an unusual amount of snow here in Texas. What’s a film guy to do? Make a movie of course! This is dedicated to my wife, who was too sick to go outside and play with us today. My goal was to bring all the fun snow inside so she could enjoy it with us: