Here’s a web tool that I highly recommend: Examen.me. Examen.me is an online journaling tool which helps foster your interactive relationship with God. But here’s the catch, Examen.me is not just a reading site. It is rather a prompting site. Through the numerous reading plans (you don’t have to use a reading plan) that Examen.me offers, the site encourages your interaction with God much more than just reading scripture. That is what sets Examen.me apart from any other online devotional tool. You see, the name examen refers to a latin word describing the technique of prayerful reflection. If you want to go deeper with Christ than just reading scripture, give Examen.me a try. Some of the fun features of Examen.me includes a searchable database of your journal entries, meaning that one day down the road, you remember you wrote something about discipline. All you have to do in Examen.me is search “discipline” and all of your journal entries that you used “discipline” will come up. Another awesome feature is the ability to export just one journal or all your journal entries to PDF if you want a hard copy or simply for your own file pleasure. Anyway, I highly recommend Examen.me. Give it a shot!

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