Photos vs Videos

Often by the nature of my line of work, I tend to do more videos than any other kinds of medium. I love how video can capture the complete emotion behind a story or a setting. In fact, video can be so powerful as to create extra emotion or extra feelings that weren’t really there when the video was filmed. This depends on editing and the treatment you give it. Most of the time I operate under the false assumption that photos can never live up to the grandeur of video. This is a terribly false assumption, but to my defense, this naturally happens to a video person. Anyway, looking back through some of the photos I’ve taken over the last year or two, I always come back to this one. I absolutely love it. It just reminds me of a different place and time.

The power of a medium is never outdone by another. Both Photo and Video have their own specialty, creating moments that neither one can best the other at. Lucky I use a Rebel T2i which can capture stunning photos and 1080p Video.

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