We Are With You Japan Video

This last Sunday we showed a video that really moved the hearts of our congregation. We took Psalm 46 from our worship album Feet That Move (Album Website Here) and combined it with some photos that were taken of the recent events in Japan. What a perfect fit the song was for the events that happened. God used the lyrics and the pictures to create a movement more powerful than we expected. It was really difficult to watch the video without shedding a tear or two. Please take some time to watch the video, and then as the video says at the end, take some time to pray for the people of Japan. We had some people from Japan in our congregation. They later told us that they were deeply moved and very thankful for the time taken to pray for their nation. We are with you Japan:

I’ll end with this picture. I grabbed it from The Boston Globe (website here)

“Sixty-six-year-old Yoshikatsu Hiratsuka cries in front of his collapsed house with his son still missing, possibly buried in the rubble, at Onagawa town in Miyagi prefecture on March 17. The official number of dead and missing after a devastating earthquake and tsunami that flattened Japan’s northeast coast is approaching 15,000, police said.”


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