Logo Loop Created For Super Summer Oklahoma

A little while back I had the pleasure of working with Zac Workun (check out his info here). He asked me to create some video animations and bumps for an upcoming Super Summer Event in Oklahoma. One cool twist to this job was that there was two versions of camp logos (like two different teams). Zac already had the logos for both, so I took the flat logos and threw them into 3d space. Here is a look at a couple of the videos that I created – the Logo Loops. Logo Loops are flat out awesome for events. They are you’re go to piece for walkins, dead times, pump up times, basically any time. They add an awesome professional look to the event. Here are the two logo loops that I created for Zac and his team up in Oklahoma. Each one has it’s own little flair while keeping the same overall feel and theme of the camp.

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