Among Us Sermon Series Bump

Our sermon series starting this Sunday is called “Among Us”. The whole concept of the series is dealing with how God moves through us as groups, congregations, and a body. This was a difficult one to think through as far as animation goes. I knew I really wanted to do a bright colorful image. I also knew that I wanted to do something that encapsulated a fresh look at things – something very positive and inspiring. So I chose a bright blue as my base color and ran with it. It’s hard to think through how to portray the presence of God. After 22 compositions, 8 renders, and 10 hrs, I ended up with this:

Here’s the write up for the series: “The Bible tells us that we are “in Christ” and Christ is “in us.” But where two or more are gathered, Christ is “among us.” In our new series, Among Us, you’ll understand five different dimensions of your relationship with God that only occur in community and discover how this insight can change the way you live every day.”

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