Steward Financial Group

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to work with Dustin Stiefel of Steward Financial Group. He came to me with a desire to take the look and feel of his company to the next level. They had a website, but it wasn’t really servicing their needs or bringing across a look of professionalism. They also had a logo, which was good, but needed a little bit of tweeking. The whole branded image of Steward Financial was a mess, and so Dustin came to me looking for a solution. After many meetings, we came up with the look and feel of Steward Financial Group.

I was privileged to be able to create a whole new website for them (and connect them to a great copy writer), new branding, envelopes, newsletters, and business cards. The branding contains all the colors that they will use (texts, backgrounds, bar graphs, etc), as well as all the fonts that they will use. This will help Steward Financial Group become a well defined company when it comes to image recognition. If you own or lead an organization that lacks a branding scheme, you would do well to look into a branding scheme/guide. It will keep all of your employees on the same page on colors, look, and feel. It is a long process, but well worth the time. Feel free to stop by their new website, and check out what they have to offer (

Sorry for the delay in posting lately. My wife and I have been blessed as we have moved into our new house this last week. On top of all the moving and craziness that goes with that, we were without internet at the house for about a week. Now we are all set up, and it’s back to work!

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