The Making of Twirl: Delightful Desserts

So I had the idea of what we wanted to do for the video promo for Delightful Desserts right from our brainstorming meeting. It was really difficult for me to explain the idea I had in my head for the promo, but Sharita, one of our writers at Northwood, wrote a short awesome script that fit perfectly. Once we had the script and the idea, it was time to execute. I don’t typically do a lot of videos with voice overs. I’m never opposed to the idea, it’s just not where my brain goes to first. With that being said, I don’t know a lot of great VOs. For this video however, I was blessed to be able to use my wife for the VO. She was nervous about the idea because she has never really been on camera before in front of so many people. She learned a lot in the process, and she really enjoyed it. We filmed it in my home office, had our sound guy tweak it a bit, and it came out quite nicely.

After the VO was done, I went to work on the cutouts. I’m a terrible free hand drawer, but I can work wonders with a mouse – haha. So I drew and painted the characters and images in Photoshop, printed them, and cut them out. Shortly after printing them, I realized I had a pickle on my hands. I had to figure out a way to get the camera to look straight down to a table top. If you think about it, it’s a little bit more difficult than you might think (tripods get in the way, shadows, etc). I finally balanced the camera on my office chair and set up a small table for the cutouts. Then I realized that since the promo was for women, not only did it need a women’s voice for the VO, it needed a woman’s hand for the moving of the cutouts in the video. So again, I called up my wife for the job. We had a great time filming the movements.

The final product was quite nice. There were a few things that I would change, like how we lit the piece. But regardless, the video turned out awesome, and most importantly, the turnout for the event was great!

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