Design Standards

Design Standards are often a bit hard to hold on to, especially when working in a church environment. Without a proper strategy in place, often the rules get stretched, he or she wants this, he or she wants that. Let me take that back… Even WITH a proper strategy in place, standards and rules are often pushed and tested. To all of you church designers out there, hold on to those standards. There is a reason you were placed in the design or director position that you were placed. There is a reason why you have the gift to care about the little things in design and creativity. For encouragement, I’m quite certain that standard bearers everywhere would agree with this quote:

You know the old adage that the customer’s always right? Well, I kind of think that the opposite is true. The customer is rarely right. And that is why you must seize the control of the circumstance and dominate every last detail: to guarantee that they’re going to have a far better time than they ever would have had if they tried to control it themselves.


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