The Forney Wedding

I was given the honor of filming the Forney Wedding a couple of weeks ago. What an incredible wedding! It was a blessing to be apart of it. I’ve known the Forney’s for a very long time now, and was even fortunate enough to film Rebecca’s (Andrew’s older sister) wedding many years ago. So here’s to the newlyweds! Congratulations guys!

Cinema 4D – Modeling Hair

The more time I spend in Cinema 4D, the more and more I love it. It can do some truly amazing things that I’ve always wanted to do in After Effects. I’m really excited to be able to pull the best of the two programs together in the near future. So here’s what I learned in the last few days: hair. That’s right, how to model hair. Turns out the beauty of hair is much more in the lighting of the piece more than the actual fibers themselves. Took a while to get the lighting and the materials how I wanted them, but the result was fantastic.

I didn’t want to learn how to do hair well in Cinema 4D without having a way to apply it to what I do on a day to day basis. So as you can see above, I worked on how to apply hair to text. Since the majority of my work deals with text based graphics, this will be a good trick to have up my sleeve. For all I know, Pixar maybe calling me up to work on the next Monsters Inc movie… haha.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Hot Springs Village, AR
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. Good Times.

I could go on and on about how beautiful Hot Springs Village, Arkansas is in the fall, but like the title says, “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”…

Sermon Bump – Life Is A Circus

Here is the new sermon bump for “Life Is A Circus”. It debuts tomorrow, so you faithful few get a sneak peek. This one was really fun to make. While I have done many full body green screens before, this was actually the first time we have used a full body green screen for a video at Northwood Church. This bump is also a bit more relaxed than what I typically create. We decorated our worship center in a fun “circus-y” way, so I thought the bump should match.

So here is the Bump:

You’ll have to see the worship center on Sunday Morning. It is definitely a fun sight to behold. So here’s a couple teaser pictures:

Welcome Circus Sign
Printing the Welcome signs that will be throughout the worship center.
(quick note about our Epson printer. If you print 90 or more large pieces a year, you’ll start saving money as opposed to outsourcing larger prints)

Life Is A Circus Cut Out
Working on the cut out of the series logo to be hung in the Worship Center

Life Is A Circus
And finally a quick tease of the worship center. It’s going to be a lot of fun!