Together We Can

Our New Sermon Series that we just started this last weekend is called Together We Can. Each November, Northwood Church focuses on its outreach into the community and around the world. The whole idea behind the series is that together we can make a bigger impact than what we could apart. Each week has a different emphasis based upon how our church connects with the world. Those weeks are church planting, Vientam, Mexico, and Locally.

The sermon series graphic had to be very versatile as it had to be able to fit on many different destinations. As a rule of thumb, when we want a sermon series graphic to be usable in any context (mailer, print, video, web, special prints, special promotions, etc) we always go for an “iconistic” logo. An iconistic logo is self contained. This gives us the freedom to put it virtually anywhere we need to without having to change it or alter the identity in any way. Check out the base image for the series:

Design of this sermon series credited to: Joshua Berman Design

To tie in with the ball-like logo, we hung around 40 chinese lanterns from the ceiling above our worship center stage. It gave a really cool effect as it brought the ceiling a bit lower in a glowing fashion. It really tied the room together.

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