Christmas Miracles Sermon Bump

Here is the bump I created for a sermon series titled “Christmas Miracles”. On any given Sunday, we typically go through our worship set, then we show the sermon series bump to set the tone of the message, then we dive right into the message. I particularly like how the mood of this bump transfers well from worship time to sermon time. Normally, during the Christmas season, we have a very heart-felt musical special or strong worship song to end out the worship set. This usually leaves hearts feeling heavy and receptive, so I like how the tone of this bump can take you from the end of a worship set and really set your hear to hear the good news of Christ. It gives you that moment to breathe.

A thing to always remember is that when it comes to playing videos in Church (or any setting for that matter), a video is only as good as how it fits into the mood of the service. This is what separates the experienced videographers from the non-experienced. An experienced videographer will consider the mood/atmosphere in which the final product is being played, because how the runner is handed the baton means everything.


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