Northwood Worship Plays at Cowboys Stadium

Northwood Worship was given the unique privilege of playing at Cowboys Stadium this last Saturday. The team had an absolute blast. Here are a few shots from Saturday (Make sure to make it all the way through the post, at the end I have video of making a 40 yard field goal!):

After performing on the 50 yard line, we were able to tour the stadium. We even got to kick some field goals on the field! Look below for a video of me making a 40 Yard field goal! That’s right Jason Garret, I’m accepting contracts.

The wife and I on the 50 yard line:

This is Brent attempting a field goal. I’m pretty sure the football went through the uprights, but as you can see, so did his shoe… haha:

And here I go (video below):

We were truly blessed to be given the opportunity to play there. I know that for some of the band members, they won’t forget that in a long time.

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