Production Team Recruitment Video

I was able to grab, what I like to call, “prime real estate”. Meaning, I was able to secure a spot in the 5 before (the video we play before each service) for our beloved production team. We have some big plans in store for our production team and we are looking for a few more people to accomplish these plans. Long story short, here’s a quick production team promo video. Enjoy!

Worship Sermon Series Stage Design

As we change from series to series, we like to do something fresh with the stage look. That doesn’t mean we will always do something completely new. Sometimes we’ll pull an old set, or re-purpose an old set. We have found that investing in “sets” or stage looks that can be re-purposed or reused is the best investment of our money. So when we go to design a stage, we look at, what do we already have, and what can we create that we can use again. For this Worship Sermon series, we wanted to push the envelope a bit and came up with something really nice. The best part was, we already had all the materials we needed to pull of the set!

We used 6 American DJ Mega Bar 50s and we used 12 American DJ Mega Pixels. Those are lights that we have slowly acquired over the last few years. So as our arsenal slowly gets bigger, we can do more creative things like this set.

With the help of a few awesome volunteers who are very skilled at organization and knot tying, we were able to come up with this look:

Stage Deisgn for Worship Center
Stage Deisgn for Worship Center

Essentially we hung all of these LED bars with black tie line and a wooden 2×4 at the bottom to weight it down. We ran two strings for each “column” to tie the left and right of the light, then used the DMX/XLR/Power Cables in the back to be an steadying achor. So essentially, every light had three anchor points to keep it from moving. All in all, it took three people about 4.5 hours to do the set up. Here are a couple pics from set up:
One from the top looking down:
Worship Stage Design
And one from the front of stage looking in:
Worship Stage Design

Worship Sermon Series Bump

Through the month of February, Northwood Church is going through a sermon series called “Worship”. Obviously, the sermon series topic is worship. What it is, how to grow in it, etc. So here is the bump that I came up with for the sermon series “Worship”. Enjoy!


Beyond Sermon Series

In January, Northwood Church did a sermon series called “Beyond”. Because we have to get media out so early, occasionally we don’t have a whole lot of information to base our sermon bumps off of. This is one of those cases where we didn’t have a whole lot to go off of. We had the sermon series graphic, and the sermon titles. So here is what I ended up with for the Northwood Church sermon series “Beyond”. Hope you like it!