Wounded Heart Easter Sermon Series

Starting on Easter, Northwood Church did a series called “Wounded Heart”. Basically talking about the wounds in our lives that we all have, and how through Jesus we can heal and move forward. Our senior pastor Bob Roberts did a fantastic job kicking off the series, and lives were changed! Our graphic designer, Josh Tate, created the graphic for the sermon series. Our video editor, Grant, and I took what Josh made and made it into a sermon bump as you can see below.

We then took that same motion and applied it to our name key-overs for during the sermon, so it was all in a unified package.

Grant did a great job of making the animation come to life!

We then did our first commercial for Northwood. It was a really quick turnaround so we decided to go with a personal appeal from our senior pastor. It only aired on certain cable networks (that I didn’t have), so I never got to see it in action.

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