Awaken Sermon Series Stage Design

When we change sermon series, we often like to change up our stage look so that our look is always new and fresh. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to think of something new to do for each series, but the result is always great, and our people always appreciate the new looks. For our summer series “Awaken” (we are actually doing Awaken through the majority of the rest of the year), we wanted something simple, bright, and fun. Bright and fun because it’s summer time, and simple because we will be in the series for such a long time, we don’t want people to get tired of the look. So here’s what we ended up with:

Sermon Series

We took four rolls of white semi-stretchy fabric, and stretched it from the top of our stage to the floor. We then put an LED bar at the bottom of those fabric pillars and matched the color palette of the graphic. Then we faded our Environmental projection over the top of the pillars. This made it feel very cohesive, as the projection matched the LED bars and continued over our walls to the left and right of the screens. It made for a very unified look, which didn’t cost us a thing to make as we already had all the pieces necessary to pull this off.

I have found that when we make set pieces based upon what we already have, it’s so much sweeter when we come up with a final look.

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