Awaken Sermon Series

Our summer series at Northwood Church is called Awaken. It’s a book study through the book of Acts. Typically we are in series for 4-5 weeks. However, we’ll be in the Awaken series for the rest of the year except for two small series later in the year. So here’s the artwork for the series, done by our graphic designer Josh Tate.

Study of Acts

Because we are in this series for so lunch a long time, we wanted to make sure the Bump was really short. After a few weeks of a longer bump, it just gets old. So we made a bump just long enough for our worship team to clear off stage, and for the speaker to get set (about 20 seconds). This not only makes a smooth transition, but it helps people get settled in, get their mind right, for the sermon time. Here’s the bump we ended up with. Short and Simple.

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