Christmas Stage Design

Christmas is always a big time around the Church.  So each year we do our best to bring something fresh to stage.  This year, our sermon series was “Those First Christmases”.  We toyed around with doing the first thing that comes to mind – mangers, stables, farm animals, wise men, etc.  But we took a more modern approach this year.  We reused some background pieces we made earlier in the year (the wooden slats) and added a Christmas twist with lots of Christmas trees.


We cleaned Lowe’s out of all their Black Friday sale trees.  We got them for dirt cheap – and we were quite proud of the find.


It took us quite a while to fluff the trees.  Since we got the cheap black friday trees, they were mostly all the same height, so we varied the height with black boxes we had lying around back stage.  When first testing the lights, I knew we had a great look coming our way.




All in all, we ended up with a classy Christmas look that was cheap and effective.  A theme you’ll see throughout all of our stage design is reusing pieces here and there where we can.  When we go to build or buy something, we always go in with the question “is it reusable?”  For us, the wooden slats in the background are our reusable piece.  Not to mention that Christmas trees can be reused every year as well – whether on stage or around the Church.

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