Sometimes You Need a Generic Video

Throughout the hustle and bustle of working at a Church with lots of different ministries, it’s easy to get lost in doing tons of specific videos. Meaning, it’s easy to do a video about a kids ministry event, then a students ministry event, then a worship ministry event, then an outreach event, and the list goes on. We found that most of the videos we were doing had a hard end date, and then after the event occurred, we couldn’t use it any more. A lot of times, we found ourselves just needing some generic videos about our Church to show at various events, Sunday mornings, on the website, etc. When you take the time to create a few generic videos, we found that puts media in our arsenal for times that we don’t have a specific video or motion graphic. When our pastor has people that are curious about our Church, we have a great looking video that represents what we do to help those around the world. This is just one example of a generic video we made – it’s simple, it didn’t take long to make, but it has a been a easy to go to video in a crunch.

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