Making A Difference In Vietnam

Northwood Church works directly with the country of Vietnam to serve its people. I’ve had the pleasure of going over there a few times, and I have loved every minute of it. I was fortunate enough to go and film some of the work we do over there as well as some of the people that traveled as well. We filmed many, many videos, but this is a video to inform our congregation of the difference our Church is making in Vietnam.

We had a few unexpected problems when filming abroad. Our lights blew out in the first 5 minutes of filming from bad power, we had all sorts of street noise every where we filmed, the humidity is crazy in Vietnam, so all of our people were sweating all the time, we kept taking breaks to wipe sweat, and the list goes on. However, Vietnam is a gorgeous country and we were able to capture some great footage of the work our people do serving the people of Vietnam.

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