Missions Gallery Makeover

Our Church is really big on missions.  I mean, really big.  So naturally, how we present that is very important.  Between our two main entrances into the Worship Center, we have an area that we call the Missions Gallery.  It’s called that because that’s where we showcase our missions work.  Since we built the building we never took the time to really use the space.  The area was characterized by it’s giant orange wall with random pictures all over it, and in front of those, we did sign up tables and various props brought back from missions trips.  While the area worked ok for sign ups, visually it was never very appealing and since the area is such a prominent space in our facility, it was time for a make over.  So we drew up a plan and got to work!

Our first step was putting up chalkboard and the top and base boards for mounting.  This took a couple days to dry and settle in.



The next step was painting.  We wanted to really get away from the bright orange wall.  We also had to use chalkboard paint on the chalkboards to, well, make it a chalkboard.  This also took a couple days of drying.


We then took some cedar boards (the wood used throughout our facility) of different lengths and nailed them to the top and bottom boards like so:


In between the chalkboards, we printed attention grabbing pictures from my recent trips to Vietnam with our missions team.  We printed these images directly on foam core.  This gave us a great shimmer on a slightly flexible material to bend the image behind the pieces of wood.  We then created our chalkboard designs in photoshop and projected them on the chalkboards to trace out with chalk pens.  The result is a very clean, inviting, and eye-catching result that will hopefully pull more people in to find out how they can get involved.



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